Our brief:

Aircraft Charters International is one of the world’s leading aviation companies specializing in a whole range of aircraft services from sales and leasing of aircraft to cost efficient chartering for an endless variety of cargo and passenger uses, to being general sales agent, airline representation, airport station management, assisting in permit and navigations route applications, providing ground handling services, and more.

Our services:

We charter aircraft all around the world and work with you to ensure that you select the most cost effective and time efficient aircraft for your operation.  From the smallest single engine aircraft to the largest cargo carrier, we can locate the aircraft that best fits your requirements.

Purchase & Sale of Aircraft
  • Leasing & Financing of Aircraft
  • Passenger & Executive Charter
  • Cargo & Incentive Charters
  • Odd Size Heavy Equipment
  • AOG (Airline on Ground)
  • Relief Charter & Mass Repatriation
  • Military Mobilization
  • Medical Evacuation (Medivac) Charter
  • Passenger & Cargo General Sales Agents
  • Airline Representation & Station Management Supervision
  • Landing & Overflight Permits, Flight Plan, Load Controls
  • Trucking Service, Ground Handling & Fuel